The Best Records of February 2018

Fire! – The Hands (My favorite of Mats Gustafsson’s bands  makes another surprisingly intense freak-out-jazz masterpiece. For fans of crazy-ass saxophone and crazy-ass bass guitar!)

Black Milk – Fever (Well, I wouldn’t have thought a less-tense, more-open Black Milk album would have been this great, but here we have it.)

Keiji Haino & Sumac – American Dollar Bill/Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous to Look at Face On (What Keiji Haino and Sumac have in common is a willingness to embrace the silliness inherent to their respective explorations of extreme music, and to push through to the other side. This album, as a result, is pure heavy-music genius)

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Circuits (MSOTT had a quiet year last year – y’know, relatively – but this, the first release of 2018, makes me hopeful that there’s a bunch more to come)

US Girls – In a Poem Unlimited (Sometimes it is the case that, when everyone has nice things to say about a record, it’s because it really is that good)

Gnaw Their Tongues – Genocidal Majesty (A lot of heavy music this month, I suppose, but it’s a GTT record that 1) isn’t too long and 2) features Chip King, so it’s a GTT record that I can enthusiastically and without hesitation get behind)

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