Best Records of January 2018

Scallops Hotel – Sovereign Nose of (Y)our Arrogant Face (If it’s not the most direct Milo record in general to date, then it’s definitely the most direct Scallops Hotel record yet, and it’s remarkable effective)

Glen Hansard – Between Two Shores (Glen Hansard pours his post-breakup heart out in a record that he presumably wrote most of while rowing a damn boat. The title is literal, folks.)

JPEGMAFIA – Veteran (A deeply satisfying wallop of noise rap. If it must be said that it isn’t quite better than Black Ben Carson, well, it’s up there, and very few things are as good as Black Ben Carson)

No Age – Snares Like a Haircut (No Age continues to be as interesting as they are satisfying, truly one of Earth’s premier garage rock bands.)

Cadence Weapon – Cadence Weapon (Montreal’s greatest rapper finally drops his follow-up, and it’s about as good as I could’ve hoped for)

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