Shamelessly Punting: Another Series of Tiny Lists

The 5 Most Recent Acting With a Capital A Performances I Have, Nonetheless, Managed to Get Something Out Of

Presented in reverse chronological order by most recent viewing of the film in question

  1. Elle Fanning, The Neon Demon
  2. Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out
  3. Amy Adams, Arrival
  4. Sally Field, Steel Magnolias
  5. Patrick Stewart (although also Dafne Keen, honestly), Logan

The 5 Best Randy Newman Songs

In light of the fact that he has a new album coming out soon

  1. Sail Away
  2. I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
  3. Louisiana 1927
  4. Political Science
  5. Have You Seen My Baby?

The 5 Best Episodes of Atlanta


  1. (tie) “Value”/”B.A.N.” (nb: these two episodes also aired in this order)
  2. (tie) “Nobody Beats the Biebs”/”The Jacket”
  3. (tie) “Juneteenth”/”The Big Bang”
  4. (tie) “Streets On Lock”/”The Club”
  5. (tie) “The Streisand Effect”/”Go For Broke”

All rankings subject to change at any time. I already disagree deeply with myself that “Go For Broke” should be so criminally low. Maybe they should all be #1?

The 5 Best Things Turning 20 This Year

Seems like there’s an awful lot of things turning 20 this year, or else the ones that are are unusually prominent to me. Either way, I am Old.

  1. Elliott Smith – Either/Or
  2. Kelly Link, “Travels With Snow Queen”
  3. Starship Troopers
  4. Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
  5. King of the Hill

Please note that the Discworld book released in 1997 was Jingo, which is good but not my favorite. So that you don’t have to wonder.

The 5 Best Things to Put on Toast

I like toast. Also note that most of these can work in some kind of conjuction (i.e. peanut butter and jam, pimento cheese and jam, an egg and olive oil, an egg and butter, pimento cheese and an egg)

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Butter
  3. Pimento Cheese
  4. An Egg
  5. Olive Oil

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