The Best Records of May 2017

Penguin Cafe – The Imperfect Sea (an extraordinarly unlikely set of circumstances – this is actually a band led by the son of the guy who originally operated under the Penguin Cafe name, for starters – doesn’t prevent this from being a wonderful, majestic record)

Bonnie Prince Billy – Best Troubador (another in Will Oldham’s hot streak of covers albums – see also last year’s Chivalrous Amoekons and, before that, 2013’s What the Brothers Sang — this one finds him inhabiting some of his favorite Merle Haggard songs, which are, of course, some of the best songs)

Aaron Dilloway – The Gag File (the erstwhile Wolf Eye and Cleveland-area resident makes another noise masterpiece)

(Sandy) Alex G – Rocket (It’s probably blasphemous to say that this record sounds like what I wish Sebadoh records sounded like, but it kind of does)

Underachievers – Renaissance (I think the Underachievers might be the most consistent act in hip-hop at the moment. They have gotten mentioned on this pretty much every time they’ve released something)

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