DJ Mix – The Hitchhikers Guide to Big Beat

Prompted by the recent release and subsequent viewing of Don’t Think, the Chemical Brothers’ concert film, I started to throw together a set of songs that were influential on me in my younger days, to give FebruaryMakeup an insight on my history with The Chemical Brothers, and other big beat artists.  After completing it, and realizing that a lot of the songs have some long breakdown stretches, i did some song chopping, and interspersed clips from the BBC radio series of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for extra flair.  I did commit a few cardinal mix sins, in that it is about 2 hours long, I repeated some artists, and strictly speaking not all of them are big beat songs…but mainly this is stuff that i would have played at a DJ set during 1999 or 2000 (of which i did like 2)  I hope you enjoy.  Click the album art to download.

1.  Release the Pressure – Leftfield
2.  Block Rockin’ Beats – The Chemical Brothers
3.  Cominagetcha – Propellerheads
4.  Battleflag (featuring Pigeonhead) – Lo Fidelity Allstars
5.  Going Out of My Head – Fatboy Slim
6.  Burnin’ – Daft Punk
7.  Fast as You Can – Fiona Apple
8.  Winning Style – Propellerheads
9.  Song To The Siren – The Chemical Brothers
10.  Breathe – The Prodigy
11.  High Roller – The Crystal Method
12.  Rude Boy Rock – Lionrock
13.  Girls & Boys – Blur
14.  Velvet Pants – Propellerheads
15.  E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim Remix) – Jean Jacques Perrey
16.  Around the World – Daft Punk
17.  Climbatize – The Prodigy
18.  Californie – Air
19.  Fire Up the Shoesaw – Lionrock
20.  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Propellerheads
21.  Trip Like I Do – The Crystal Method
22.  Get Up On It Like This – The Chemical Brothers
23.  Alive – Daft Punk
24.  The Private Psychedelic Reel – The Chemical Brothers